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Prevent Costly Repairs With This Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

The unpredictable winter weather can wreak havoc on various aspects of your property, including the roof. As expert OKC roofers, we want you to relish the season's magic without worrying about expensive repairs. 

Follow this winter home maintenance checklist to safeguard your home against costly damage. 

Inspect your roof 

Your roof has endured harsh, wintry conditions over the years to protect your home. In fact, a problem with the roof often affects other components like the siding and gutter. And that means one thing - high repair costs. 

Actions to take

The best thing is to hire a professional to spot problems early and make the necessary repairs. If possible, from the safety of the ground, you can:

  • Check for damaged shingles: Look for missing, worn, or damaged shingles. Call an expert roofer to replace any that are compromised to prevent leaks.

  • Trim overhanging tree limbs: Tree branches that overhang or touch your roof can cause damage. Trim the branches and maintain about 6 feet of space between them and the roof. 

  • Inspect the attic: Ensure your attic is adequately ventilated to prevent ice dams and moisture buildup.

Check your siding

Maintaining your siding prevents water damage, indoor humidity, and mold problems. Inspecting the siding and fixing issues will also reduce heat loss and gain, making your home cozy and reducing heating costs. 

Actions to take

  • Clean: Remove dirt, grime, and mold to maintain the integrity and appearance of your siding. 

  • Inspect and seal cracks: Check your siding for gaps or cracks that allow water or pests to infiltrate. Then, seal with caulking or weather-resistant sealant. 

  • Check for signs of deterioration: Check for signs of rotting and peeling paint, and repaint if necessary. 

Clean the gutters

The buildup of leaves and other debris can clog the gutters, causing water to pool on the roof. When this happens, the roof becomes heavy with frozen water, causing leaks. Water can also spill over and cause foundation damage and other costly issues. 

Actions to take

  • Clear gutters: Remove leaves, twigs, and debris to ensure proper water drainage. 

  • Inspect downspouts: Don't forget to ensure the downspouts are also clear. 

  • Install gutter guards: This prevents leaves and debris build-up, stops blockage, and extends the life of the gutters. 

Insulate pipes

Water in pipes in unheated areas of your home can freeze. The force can lead to the pipes bursting, causing water damage. Similarly, water in exterior pipes can also burst. 

Actions to take

  • Wrap pipes: Use foam insulation or heat tape to keep pipes from freezing and bursting. You can also wrap the water heater to ensure water heats up faster, reducing energy bills. 

  • Turn off faucets: Cut water supply to external faucets and release water remaining in the pipes. Also, disconnect garden hoses, remove the water, and store them. 

Seal air leaks

You can rack up significant energy bills by leaving drafty doors and windows to let in cold air and let out warm air during the winter months. A few simple fixes can stop the leaks and enhance energy efficiency. 

Actions to take

Caulk and weatherstrip: Seal cracks and gaps around windows, doors, and other openings to prevent warm air from escaping. 

Stay ready, be safe, and protect your home from costly repairs this winter

Be proactive; don't wait until damage is done before taking action. With the above checklist, you can be prepared for whatever the season brings and prevent costly repairs. If you have further questions or notice any issues during your inspections, the expert roofing company in Oklahoma City is ready to address them.



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