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Vertical vs. Horizontal Siding: Which Is the Right Choice for My Home?

The exterior of your house matters a lot when it comes to giving it a fresh look. Choosing the right siding is a big part of that. 

You've got two main choices: vertical or horizontal siding, and they both have pros and cons. Let's get into the world of siding to help you find the perfect fit for your home's exterior makeover.

What is vertical siding?

Vertical siding is a modern twist where the panels run up and down instead of side to side, from the roof to the ground. It adds a sleek and contemporary touch to your home's appearance.

What is horizontal siding?

Horizontal siding, where panels are laid flat and run side by side along the wall, has been a classic option for home exteriors for decades. Its enduring popularity stems from its timeless aesthetic and practical benefits.

Pros of vertical siding

  • Distinctive and modern appeal: Vertical siding gives your house a unique and trendy look that sets it apart from the usual horizontal styles.

  • Sturdy and long-lasting: Thanks to its design, water drains off quickly, reducing the chances of water damage and rot.

  • Simple maintenance: Dirt and grime are less likely to stick to vertical panels, making cleaning quick and easy.

Cons of vertical siding

  • Higher cost: Installing vertical siding typically requires more materials and labor, making it more expensive.

  • Style compatibility: While stylish, vertical siding might not suit every architectural style, so it's essential to consider your home's overall design.

Pros of horizontal siding

  • Cost-effective installation: Horizontal siding tends to be more budget-friendly than vertical siding due to its more straightforward installation process, which can translate to savings for homeowners.

  • Wide range of choices: Homeowners have a plethora of options when it comes to materials and styles with horizontal siding, allowing them to choose the perfect fit for their aesthetic preferences and architectural design.

  • Efficient installation: The straightforward installation method of horizontal siding allows contractors to complete the project more quickly, minimizing disruption to homeowners.

Cons of horizontal siding

  • Susceptibility to moisture damage:  One drawback of horizontal siding is its potential vulnerability to moisture damage. Water can become trapped in the horizontal gaps between panels, leading to issues such as rot and mold if not adequately addressed through regular maintenance and inspection.

  • Less unique appearance:  While horizontal siding offers an attractive and classic look, some homeowners may find that it lacks the distinctive visual appeal of vertical siding options, which can make a bold architectural statement.

Choosing the right siding for your home

Before you settle on a siding option, it's essential to consider these factors:

  • Your home's architectural style Think about your home's style. Horizontal siding tends to complement more traditional architectural styles, while vertical siding can enhance the look of modern or contemporary homes.

  • Budget considerations Assess your budget and how much you're willing to spend on siding. If cost is a significant factor, horizontal siding may be more economical than vertical siding options.

  • Maintenance requirements Consider how much time and effort you're willing to invest in maintaining your siding. Vertical siding typically requires less frequent maintenance and is easier to clean than horizontal siding, which may need more attention over time.

  • Local climate conditions Take into account your area's climate. If you live in a region with heavy rainfall or moisture, vertical siding's superior water drainage capabilities might be advantageous in preventing water-related issues.

Carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the siding option that best suits your home's style, budget, maintenance preferences, and local climate conditions.

Vertical vs. horizontal siding: Which is the right choice for my home?

Ultimately, opting for vertical or horizontal siding depends on your tastes and unique structural specifications. With horizontal siding, you get a more traditional touch than with vertical siding.

However, it may be best to combine both. You can speak with a roofing expert to discuss your options and find out what works best for your home.

Find the perfect siding for your home

Picking the right siding can feel like a big task, but don't worry! Legacy Roofing is here to make it easier for you. 

Our team knows all about siding and can help you decide what works best for your home, taking into account what you like, how much you want to spend, and what your house needs. Get a free consultation today.

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