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Gutter Spring Cleaning: Tips and Why It Is Important

As the weather warms up and flowers begin to bloom to signal the arrival of spring, many homeowners begin planning to clean their homes. However, most focus on the inside, neglecting the outdoor areas, such as the gutters. Leaving your gutters unattended over a long period will result in damage that could cost a great deal of money to fix.

Why you should clean out your gutter during spring

Your home's gutter protects your roof, landscape and, indirectly, the foundation. So keeping them clean is the best way to avoid compromising the integrity of your building structure. It's typical for ice, debris, and sludge to clog up the gutter pipes.

With subsequent rainwater having nowhere else to go, it pools for long stretches on your roof, spills, and creeps into where it shouldn't, such as into your home or down to the foundations. Either way, it puts your home structure at risk of damage.

Tips for cleaning your gutter for spring

If you look forward to cleaning your gutter this spring, following these tips will help.

Follow smart ladder safety rules

Things might get slippery when using a ladder. So always ensure to use the right size and a slip-resistant shoe, as falling off a ladder can result in severe injuries. Take precautionary measures like:

  • Ensuring the ladder is placed on level ground firmly

  • Climbing slowly, with no fast and sudden turns

If you fear heights and are prone to dizziness, avoid climbing a ladder and opt for hiring a professional.

Use effective cleaning tools for cleaning

Inspect the gutters to ascertain the kind of cleaning tools needed for accumulated dirt. Afterward, you can use hand gloves or a handheld leaf blower to remove the debris.

Note that carrying a tool such as a leaf blower up a ladder can increase your risk of falling off, so always climb with extra caution to avoid missing a step or slipping. To avoid falling off a ladder when moving a tool up, hang the blower on your shoulder or behind like a backpack.

Install a proven, effective gutter guard

As part of your spring gutter cleaning activity, you should think long-term to protect your roof and the adjoining gutters. The best way to maintain it is to install a gutter guard. Even if you have the time to clean the gutters frequently, winds and storms can blow debris into the gutter all over again, causing a blockage.

This is especially the case if you have trees close to the house. Installing a gutter guard keeps dirt and debris from entering and causing blockages that may lead to structural damage.

Protect your home and enhance curb appeal and value with professional gutter solutions

If your gutters aren't in good shape, making you spend several hours repeatedly cleaning them, you need an expert fix. At Legacy Roofing, we offer professional gutter services that not only protect your property from water damage but also enhance its overall curb appeal and value. Contact us today.

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