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Choosing the Perfect Asphalt Shingle Roof Color for Your Home

You’ve picked asphalt as your roofing material. Now, you have to face the important decision of selecting the perfect color for your asphalt shingle roof. 

While choosing the ideal asphalt shingles color may seem like a simple matter, it can significantly affect your home's curb appeal, energy efficiency, and market value.

In this article, the leading OKC roofers walk you through the factors you should consider to ensure you make the best choice for your home. 

Factors to consider when choosing your asphalt shingle roof color

Choosing the right color for your roof depends on a few key things:

Siding color

Think about the color of your house's siding first. You'll want to pick a roof color that goes well with it. Look for colors that complement each other nicely.

Architectural style

Specific colors work best with certain house styles. Traditional homes usually look good with browns or grays, while more modern houses can handle bold colors like charcoal or even metallic shades.


Where you live matters, too. In colder places, darker shingles can help absorb heat and keep your house warmer. But in hot areas, lighter colors might be better because they reflect sunlight and keep the house cooler, saving on cooling costs.

Neighborhood rules

Some neighborhoods have rules about what colors you can use for your roof. Before you decide, make sure to check if your homeowners association (HOA) has any guidelines you need to follow.

Your roof's angle

The slope of your roof can change how the color looks. If your roof is steep, bright colors can work well without being too much. But if it's flat, lighter shades might be better to keep it from looking too heavy. Basically, the angle of your roof decides if you should pick a bold or softer color to make it look just right.

Thinking about the future

Remember that asphalt shingles can fade as time goes on. So, when you pick a color, think about how it will look as it ages and how well it will match your house over the years. It's smart to choose a color that will keep looking good for a long time.

Introducing the range of asphalt shingle colors

Asphalt shingles provide a wide range of color options to suit different tastes and preferences. Here's a closer look at the variety available:

Black shingles:

You can never go wrong with a timeless hue like black, as it works well with any color and architectural style. They’re also more affordable than other colors.

Red Shingles:

For those looking to add a pop of personality to their home, consider bold options such as deep reds or burnt reds bordering on orange. Be sure to ensure that your red roof doesn’t look out of place in your neighborhood. 

Green shingles:

Green works well with gray homes, with moss and forest green being some of the most popular shades for roof shingles. 

Blue shingles:

If you live in a region with a lot of sunshine throughout the year, you may appreciate the aesthetic play of light on blue roof shingles. 

Other colors include white, gray, and brown. 

Choosing between solid shingles vs. blended colors

When it comes to choosing shingles for your roof, you have two main options: solid-colored or blended. 

If you’re having trouble choosing from different colors of individual shingles, it may be better to blend multiple colors, which gives a unique aesthetic.

Solid shingles work best when your home’s exterior already has multiple colors, such as when window shutters have a different color from the siding. On the other hand, if your home’s exterior is made up of one solid color, it might be best to blend colors for the roof shingles.

Ultimately, the choice between solid and blended shingles depends on your personal taste and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve for your home's exterior.

Let the expert OKC roofers guide you in choosing the right color for your asphalt shingle roof

Your roof is vital, and picking the right color impacts how you and everyone around you, including potential buyers, see your home.

We are expert roofing contractors in Oklahoma City and can help you pick the perfect asphalt shingle color to make your home look great and worth more money. Request a free quote today. 



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