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8 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

The average window lifespan is about 15-30 years, meaning that your windows will ultimately require replacement at some point.

Even if your windows are not that old, several issues may affect their aesthetics and functionality. But how do you tell it’s time to replace your windows? We discuss a few tell-tale signs below:

1. Condensation forming inside the windows

When condensation appears inside the windows, it means that there’s an air leak somewhere around the frame. Regarding double- or triple-pane windows, it shows that the insulating gas has escaped, and the air-tight seal is no longer functional. 

Condensation forming anywhere other than the outside of the windows is a sure sign that you need to replace it.

2. Noise

As well as functioning as an avenue to let natural light into the building, windows insulate your home against sound, keeping the worst of the noise out, especially if you live in a commercial area.

So, when the sounds filtering in are louder than usual, it may just be a sign that your windows need replacing.

3. Poor appearance 

Windows plays a large part in your home’s curb appeal; sometimes, you may have to change them to complement their immediate environment better.

With landscaping and architectural trends evolving yearly, a window replacement can help enhance your home’s curb appeal and take on a form that enhances its overall aesthetics.

4. Poor operation

The buildup of dirt and dust or issues with the roller systems are sure signs that your windows need replacement. Windows are supposed to slide, open, and be operated with ease, and anything hampering this functionality is cause for a replacement.

5. Rattling windows on windy days

If you notice that your windows rattle on windy days, it’s a sign that the windowpane is not secured to the frame. It may also be because the sash has come loose. In both cases, you need an urgent window replacement.

6. Fading furniture

Modern windows don’t just look fancy; they also possess UV protection properties to keep your property from radiation damage.

If you find that your furniture has faded after a period, it may be a sign that your windows don’t offer the necessary UV protection and need replacing.

7. Visible damage

Visible damage in the form of chips, cracks, warped stains, broken glass, and water stains in and around the windows shows that your windows need replacing.

This is one of the more obvious signs that you need a reputable window installation service.

8. Increased energy bills

Although it may not be immediately apparent, an unexplained increase in your energy bills means that your windows are losing their insulating capacity and leaking air.

This can make your HVAC system work harder to keep the space cool or warm as required and subsequently impact your energy bills. In such cases, a replacement is necessary.

Get quality window replacement services in Central & Southern Oklahoma

Don't overlook these signs! If you’ve noticed any of these signs or your windows don’t work how they used to, contact the reputable window installation service in Central and Southern Oklahoma - Legacy Roofing and Construction. Call us today for more information.



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